The Mobilium™ Platform

The Mobilium™ platform bridges the gap between mobile devices and ERP systems and provides a studio to empower the rapid development of new workflows, which eliminate inefficiencies and capture data from business processes at all levels of the organization, enabling users to realize their vision of digital transformation.

Mobilium Edge

Mobilium Edge™ is our mobile workforce application for smart devices, including mobile phones, tablets, kiosks, and laptops, and is extended by IoT devices. We combine intelligence at the Edge, with automatic data collection using Barcode, RFID, Bluetooth, NFC, IoT for optimal process performance.

Mobilium Insights

Mobilium Insights™ is a fully integrated real-time console and delivers up-to-the-minute operating details to managers and supervisors. With Insights™ our customers view real-time task status for all staff; deep-dive drill-down into any transaction; and compare live KPIs across all operating locations.

Mobilium Gateway

Mobilium Gateway™ is a multi-ERP, SAP premium certified plugin, which allows the customer to publish APIs, and wire them to their existing standard or customized SAP functions. It also provides a workbench to manage work distribution, monitor progress, and track exception handling.

Mobilium Studio

Mobilium Studio™ a low-code platform to manage application life cycle. It allows business users to innovate at low cost and with incredible speed. This enables the enterprise to make continuous improvement and migrate to state of the art solutions, improving data quality and productivity. The end-user benefits from up-to-date business processes and modern user experience.

Client Testimonials

“We were amazed by all the capabilities it had to offer on the device and specifically with integration to SAP”

“Potential to the new system is limitless, THE POV shows this, a safer process than what we have now.”

“Best thing that ever happened to this warehouse.”