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Our Solutions

Moviynt® offers comprehensive mobile solutions on its Mobilium™ platform that fully leverage offline computing, device integration features, real-time visibility, and ease of use to transform operations.

Warehouse Management

Moviynt’s Warehouse management solution gives a unique opportunity for companies who are faced with the challenges of unreliable WIFI connectivity and small sections of the warehouse where workers loose connectivity causing disruptions to the work impacting productivity and employee morale. Our WMS solution supports fully, occasionally and fully disconnected modes of operation.

Quality Management

Moviynt’s quality management solution provides companies the ability to complete inspection lots and create notifications based on non conformance. It allows the QA inspectors to capture images of non conformances and post them to the Inspection lots for further processing. It also provides the QA inspectors the ability to complete an inspection and enter the usage decision on the device to be synchronized with SAP.

Field Service Management

Moviynt’s Work order management solution provides ability to process a service order and record consumption of components and post confirmations of operations. Our solution also allows either manual or automatic time recording and posting to SAP. Work order solution can also operate in Fully disconnected, occasionally connected and fully connected modes.

Mobile Asset Management

Mobile asset management solution supports the full life cycle management of Assets from provisioning to retiring the asset. Functionality includes the capability to record measurements, perform preventive and breakdown maintenance, create service notifications and recording consumptions and confirmations.

Our Applications

Increase your productivity by integrating your ERP system into smart devices, allow your workforce to perform tasks even if they get disconnected from the ERP, and supports high velocity operations with sub-second response times.

Mobile Warehouse Management Application

Moviynt’s EWM/WM application brings preconfigured workflows with offline support to cover all the standard warehouse functions, including barcode printing, carrier shipping, GPS tracking, RFID integration, all while simplifying processes. Moviynt low-code studio makes workflow changes easy and fast, enabling quick implementation timelines.

Mobile Quality Management

Moviynt’s Quality Management application covers inbound inspections on Goods receipts and QM activity for Manufacturing. Using Moviynt’s QM application, users can review the specification sheets, record measurements, transfer measurements through IOT interfaces, take images, and create notifications.

Proof of Delivery

Moviynt’s proof of delivery application supports the delivery life cycle. We bring offline capability and image and signature capture on glass together to provide comprehensive support for the proof of delivery process.

Mobile Asset Management

Moviynt’s Asset Management application covers the service notification life cycle, preventative and unplanned maintenance, life cycle processing, measurement recording, consumption of time, and component consumption. Integrated natively with GPS capabilities, the system provides a global view of work status at various locations.